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The SmartAss Buddha Book is about getting inspired and staying inspired. Connecting to, and finding what inspires you, is like ripping your shirt off and defibrillating your happiness. It is that steamy, spicy spark that helps you break free from your current situation and emboldens you to be more than you ever thought possible. When you’re inspired, you will experience an invisible almost divine force that will energize, encourage and invigorate you to move in the direction of what you’re attempting to do or achieve.Ted Schredd Mission
To get inspired and pass it on. I want to inspire people, to inspire other people.
SmartAss Buddha Book Mission
The mission of The SmartAss Buddha book is to inspire readers to act on what makes them feel fully alive. Once they began to act on their inspiration they will naturally pass it on to whoever they come in contact with.
SmartAss Buddha Inspirational Network
To build a network of the most inspired people on the planet for the sole purpose of getting inspired and helping others do the same.