Chapters of the Smart Ass Buddha

1. Introduction
How the unexpected death of my brother was a catalyst for me to change the direction of my life

2. Spiritual Arousal
Define what is inspiration anyway and what forces hold you back from finding it

3. What Makes a Great Life?
What is it that makes a great life? Do you know what it is that you seek?

4. The Right Success
Society has a definition of success but is it in alignment with what your definition of success is? Are you chasing your success or what you think your success is supposed to be?

5. Use Your ARSE
The foundational system to enjoy the interesting developments that happen in your life and a program to make improvements

6. Awareness - Waking Up to Inspiration
Paying close attention to the details of your situation so that you can get a clearer understanding of your challenges. Once you learn to be aware of your thoughts, actions, environment and direction of your life then you can begin to evaluate if you are on track to your solution.

It is what it is and as soon as you can aspect all parts of your life is when you can begin to do something about it.

8. Reflection
Creating think time so that you can reflect on your situation and begin to create solutions to your challenges or to create a direction on life that gets you spiritually aroused

9. Solutions Orientated Thinking
Training your mind to evaluate, accept your situation then reflecting to develop solutions. At this stage you pick a solution and write up the plans to change the situation to not what you want to exactly what you want.

10.Execution – Make it So!
Actions always speak louder than words. If you miss this step, you will never move forward.

11. The Voice of Choice
Understanding that you are fully responsible for where you are and where you want to go. Having a clear understanding that you always have choices and that you get to make them on a moment by moment basis

12. Your Call to Adventure
Inspiration is calling your name and ready to take the call?

13. Your Energy is Sacred
Having an awareness of how you use your energy and what you use it for.

14. Unhealthy Habits
Identifying any personal mental misconduct and then using your ARSE to help diminish its affect on you.

15. Pessimistic Patterns
Using your awareness to identify the habits that help you and the ones that could be improved upon. One bad habit could sink your ship.

16. Possibility Pirates
Identifying the people in your life that pillage and plunder your positivity and understanding how that affects your journey.

17. Financial Wisdom
If your finances are out of control high levels of spiritual arousal and peace of pocketbook will never come to visit.

18. Undress your Stress
Identifying the stress in your life and using your ARSE to keep it to a minimum.

19. Simplify your Life
The more you simplify your life the easier it will be to find inspiration and happiness

20. Absolute Clarity
The more clarity you have about who you are and where you want to go the quicker you will find what it is that you seek.

21. Fire Up Your Imagination
Having a healthy imagination will allow you to create more solutions and ideas that will improve your happiness in life

22. Multiply your Pow-Wah!
Besides understanding how you use your energy, you will need a system that keeps you healthy and full of energy all day long. You can only go so far on a half a tank of gas.

23. Inspirational Mentors
Having an amazing team of wise people to guide you along your path will only make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

24. Possibility Partners
Identifying and spending time with people that bring out the best in you and you in them.

25. Nature
Nature is an infinite source of inspiration and wisdom. Changing your schedule around you so that you find time to connect with nature on a daily basis.

26. License to Leisure
Giving yourself permission to really enjoy your leisure moments and then participating fully at the leisure activities you enjoy most.

27. Just Say Thanks
Learning and practicing constant gratitude will change you tune, and will quickly increase your smile count.

28. Just Be Love
Changing your thoughts about why coming from a place of kindness is the only way to go.

29. Just be You!
The more that you can be true to yourself the less heartbeats you will be wasting trying to be something you aren't.

30. Make it a Game
Minimizing the seriousness of life and turn your journey in to a game. The more you participate the more fun that you will have.

31. Inspire Others to Inspire Others
This world could always use a little more inspiration and the best way that you can achieve that is to lead by example. The more you stay true toyourself and follow your heart the more you will naturally inspire those around you.

32. Live with Mucho Gusto – Make it So!
You can read all the books you want and watch all the videos but until you take action, that is, inspired passionate action in the direction of your dreams you will never ever move in that direction. Step up, step out and make it so.

33. Symbols of the Smart Ass Buddha