I think I should give you my current story before I go drudge up the past. On August 15th, 2010 I became a wanderer. For the previous two years I was feeling the need to wander. I got rid of 99 percent of my worldly posessions put what was left in a suitcase and have been wandering about ever since. So to give you a little context of my life path that has led me here to write this book, this is the abridged version:

I Love: Photography and interesting, inspiring people
For exercise I love to: Ski, hike, bike, ice skate & inline skate
Current living status: Traveling

Born November 1, 1965
I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
I am 5 foot ten inches, 175 pounds and follicly challenged
I am pretty happy to travel to any town, anywhere
I have many wonderful friends in many places


1985 - Moved to Lake Louise Ski Resort to be a Skiing Videographer
1988 - Moved to Vancouver for Videography work
1992 - Frisbee Instructor

1992 - Left Vancouver for 13,000 km Bicycle Trip Around North America

1993 - Returned to Vancouver - Worked at Z-95.3 FM as the World's Only Traffic Reporter on A Bicycle

1995 - Published first book - "The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head"

1996 - Bicycled through England, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand.

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1998 - Helped Launch Vancouver Television - Worked as a host on the Breakfast Show

2000 - Switched gears and started doing Travel Photography
2001 - Multiple trips to resort destinations throughout Canada, US, Mexico and Caribbean

2002 - Published second book "Gramma Knows the "F" Word"
A book for adults on how to have more fun in life.

2003 - Professional Speaker about the subject of Fun.

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2008 - Switched to food and restaurant photography

2009 - Became annoyed with working for others and created a passive income off the web.


2010 - Ditched my worldly possessions and cycled from Canada to Los Angeles
2011 - Stayed warm in Tucson, Los Angles, Cancun, during the winter,
then Portland, Vancouver and Calgary in the summer
2012-14 Warm and happy in Guatemala.
2015 - Cruising Around