The SmartAss Buddha Book is about getting inspired and staying inspired. Connecting to, and finding what inspires you, is like ripping your shirt off and defibrillating your happiness. It is that steamy, spicy spark that helps you break free from your current situation and emboldens you to be more than you ever thought possible. When you’re inspired, you will experience an invisible almost divine force that will energize, encourage and invigorate you to move in the direction of what you’re attempting to do or achieve. The SmartAss Buddha is all about helping you find and sustain your inspiration in the most enjoyable way possible.

Ted Schredd Mission

To get inspired and pass it on. I want to inspire people, to inspire other people.

SmartAss Buddha Book - Get Inspired and Pass It On!
My newest book! The mission of The SmartAss Buddha book is to inspire readers to act on what makes them feel fully alive. This is the "go-to" book on how to tap into and magnify your inspiration.

Grandma Knows the "F" Word - A Philosophy on Fun For Adults
This is the second edition of this Canadian best seller. A simple fun guide on how to have more fun, more often so that you have more joy in your life.

The Adventures of Coconut Head - One Big Bodacious Bike Trip
This is the story of a 13,000 km bike ride around North America. Yes, you read that right, 13,000 km. Check out Ted first book and a Canadian Best Seller as well.

Secret Society of Inspired People
A hidden network of spiritually aroused people who love to be inspired and love to help others do the same.