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There are plenty of things that have inspired me in life, but Ted Schredd's “Coconut Head” inspired me to hop on a bicycle and never look back. Since I first read The Adventures of Coconut Head, I have cycled through more than seventy different countries all around the world.
Ted's comedic take on long-distance cycling...


... and it will forever change the way you view both yourself and the strangers you meet on your travels! This crazy travel book will probably inspire you to conduct your own incredible adventures somewhere in the world!

Darren Alff
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The Adventures of Coconut Head
The Adventures of Coconut Head


Tom Haibeck

"The Adventures of Coconut Head is an incredibly entertaining read
that still to this day ranks as one of my TOP TEN FAVORITE BOOKS!

Tom Haibeck
Author of Wedding Toasts Made Easy


Hi there,
My name is Ted and I want to tell you about the biggest life-changing experience of my time on this planet. On October 4, 1992, I left Vancouver Canada to ride a bicycle to Key West, Florida. Even though I had no training, no experience, no tent, sleeping bag, bike gear, very little money, it didn't matter, because I ended up having the adventure of a lifetime. After eleven months on the road and nearly 13,000 km later, I was done. The Adventures of Coconut Head is the story of my giant bicycle trip that took me all over North America.

“This book is the incredible record of his journey,
complete with cartoons to bring the wacky days to life”

Fittingly Yours Magazine

The Adventures of Coconut Head was first released in 1996 and was a Canadian Best Seller. I have retained the rights from the publisher and can now share this adventurous quest with a whole new generation. When the book came out, most of my family members, friends and business contacts thought that I was completely crazy.

As I went back through my handwritten journals and the original book to create this updated second edition, I know why they thought that way. I caught myself numerous times in the republishing process thinking, man this guy is crazy. Then I was thinking, wait, that’s me I am calling crazy.

The Adventures of Coconut Head

“It's a really fun book to read…He earned my respect while amusing me with his story.”

Randall W. Perkins

Everyday was full of contrasts, challenges, action and adventures!

 From breathtaking vistas and easy pedaling to headwinds that stopped me cold going downhill.
 From staying in a luxury suite in Key West Florida to sleeping in a drainage tunnel
 Plenty of mental breakdowns and a couple of police shakedowns.
 From sleeping under the stars in the redwoods to being caught without shelter in the middle of a hailstorm.
 There was begging for food, racists that were rude, magnified moods and a lot of crazy dudes.

But... I don’t want to give it all away, just yet!

Just some of the media outlets that have covered this story...



The very tip of the U.S.A. at Key West, Florida



Texas Canyon Rest Stop, I-10, Arizona




“It's a fun book to read with a feel-good story with a positive message about meeting goals. I would totally recommend this book.”

Lisa MacFarlane – Producer
Urban Rush Television Talk Show

The Adventures of Coconut Head

In order to help fund the trip, I created an illustrated newsletter that I would photocopy and mail out to paid subscribers. It was that newsletter that started my career in publishing. Over the years my drawing skills haven’t improved much but I did re-illustrate the entire book to replace the original stickman doodles. I am really proud of this tuned-up second edition.

Sure this trip challenged me to the depths of my soul and brought out every emotion imaginable. So many strange events turned out to be outrageous stories.

“The Adventures of Coconut Head is a good, humorous read that avoids the dreaded, dry, travel book format.”

Andrew McCredie
North Shore News

“His sense of humor will eventually win you over, as will his incurable romanticism.”

Province Showcase
Vancouver Province

“Schredd’s Adventure Cycling Journey makes for a light-hearted, high-spirited quick read”

Naomi Gollogy
Willamette Week

This trip was fraught with risk and reward, so many unpredictable characters, plenty of obstacles, and somewhat surprising results. This trip provoked possibility in my mind like never before. That’s what big adventures do to you. Challenging yourself for a big reward will empower you and give you confidence. These kinds of adventures tend to make you feel fully alive. I am so excited to share this story about the Big Bad Bodacious Bicycle Trip.

Are you curious about this Action Adventure Book yet?


Over the years I have had numerous people write or tell me that they were inspired to ride ridiculously long distances on a bicycle after reading The Adventures of Coconut Head. Other people went on their own adventure because they were inspired by the concept of following your heart. That was all I ever hoped for. Hey, if one or two people get inspired by my efforts, then it has most definitely been worth it. That is my mission, to get inspired and pass it on.


"His imaginative narrative gets to the heart of what it means to live your life as an adventure. I credit Ted for saving me from the horrors of a mundane life.”

Steve Leroux - Seattle, Washington


The Adventures of Coconut Head

Everybody has at least one grand adventure in them. It may not be riding a bike for months on end but it may be to go sailing, rock climbing, learn to surf, start a business, write a book, learn to paint or any other grand adventure that humans can undertake. This adventure novel may remind you of your big adventure that you need to take, or, it may remind you that it’s time to go on another one.

“I was hooked from the start, entertained, amused, and enlightened by each morsel.”

Kirsten Fraser – Where Magazine

“Ted Schredd is a threat to literature!”

Fiona McCaw
Monday Magazine

“An excellent fun book to read from start to finish. My only complaint was that I read it too quick! Can't wait for the next adventure.”

Mark from Canada



“I read it the first time and almost as soon as I’d finished, I read it again. Not only is it a great action adventure book, But The Adventures of Coconut Head is one of my favorite books, ever!”

Robert Jack Harrington
Vancouver, Canada

The Adventures of Coconut Head



“The Adventures of Coconut Head was hard to put down and was laugh out loud funny!

Dean Payne Founder - BC Bike Race

The Adventures of Coconut Head

“Great travel book ... it had me hooked from the first page.  ”

Graham -