Hi there - I'm Ted Schredd

I have been adventuring and exploring for most of my life and I am grateful for all the weird "gigs" I have had throughout the years. I have been both behind, and in front of the camera and the microphones, but my number one love is writing books. I have had all kinds of adventures and had all kinds of media coverage because of them. Read below to find out more.


SmartAss Buddha - Get Inspired and Pass It On!

Published July 2018
My newest book, SmartAss Buddha - Get Inspired and Pass it On, is about how to get inspired, and stay inspired. SmartAss Buddha will show you how to instill inspiration to your core and make it easy for you to have fun no matter what and become Spiritually Aroused. Go here for more details.



Grandma Knows the F Word

A Philosophy on Fun For Adults

Published August 2002
Second Edition 2004
Third Edition 2018

My second book Grandma Knows the F-Word has helped thousands of people learn to have fun no matter what. With over 300 illustrations and a simple cheeky perspective, this book is a fun-by-numbers guide to having way more fun in your life. Read more here... 



The Adventures of Coconut Head

One Big Bodacious Bike Trip

PublishedApril 1996
Second Edition - July 2018

The Adventures of Coconut Head is the crazy tale of a 13,000 km bicycle trip around North America. I left with no skills, money or camping gear and managed to pedal from Vancouver, Canada to Key West, Florida and back. There were killer fish, crazy rednecks, naked hiking, incredible kindness and dangerous inflatable bananas. Go here to learn more. 


Guatemala Writing Retreat

Ted always wanted to write a book in a warm faraway place and headed for Guatemala. His inspirational writing location was a wonderful spot called Luna Azul, in San Pedro. The area is surrounded by coffee plants, mango trees and had stunning views of Lake Atitlan and the volcanoes that tower above it. Ted survived on fresh fruit and vegetable juice and the most amazing lattes he has ever tasted. Between the power outages, earthquakes and sloth like internet he created SmartAss Buddha.
Have a look through the photos and the video to learn more about San Pedro in Guatemala.

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Cycle to Los Angeles
August – September 2010

It had been a while since I had been on a ridiculously long bike ride, so I cycled from Summerland, Canada to Los Angeles, CA. The six-week bike ride took me through southern British Columbia, central Washington and then down the coast of Oregon and California. This eighteen hundred mile adventure was nothing more than a test to see if I had any bike mojo left. So yes it is true, I still have some pedaling left in me.

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Restaurant Photography

I have had numerous photo assignments from a Donut Shop in Maine, to a Seafood restaurant in Florida, Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, Beer and Wings in Washington to a Vegan restaurant in Guatemala.

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Corporate Speaker

I gave multiple presentations across Western Canada on How to Have More Fun in Life. Through stories, pictures and videos I had audiences laughing and rethinking the direction of their life.I found speaking in the Corporate World extremely stressful and never really found great joy in the process. I guess when my goal is to get everybody to quit their job, let's say my speeches were not a good corporate fit

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Race Announcer

I was hired by a few different race organizations to be the Master of Ceremonies and voice at the finish line.
Sea2Summit Racing Series
Two day adventures races in Whistler BC, Mont Blanc Quebec, Blue Mountain Resort Ontario, and Copper Mountain, Colorado.
24 Hours of Adrenaline
A twenty-four hour mountain bike series that took place in Whistler, BC, Canmore, AB, and Laguna Beach, CA
Five Peaks Race Series
A 10K off road run that was hosted at Cypress Mountain, Seymour Mountain, Grouse Mountain, Whistler Mountain, Maple Ridge BC
Numerous Others
Ted has been the Master of Ceremonies for dozens of marathons, triathlons, 10 k races, charity races, charity auctions and special events

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Travel Photography

I was hired to shoot amenities at numerous resorts throughout Canada, United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.I shot hundreds of thousands of images of hotel rooms, swimming pools, restaurants and local tourist attractions. Gig ended due to 9-11.

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Vancouver Television

1998- 1999

I was hired to help launch Vancouver Television and take it on the air. I was the host/producer of the live on location portion of the Morning Breakfast Show.
Personal Highlights
*Interviewing Leslie Nielsen
*Was blacklisted by the RCMP at the APEC conference for dancing on the press tables
*Left to carry the entire show while on remote location while studio was being evacuated by the fire department because of a fire alarm

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Big Bike Tour #2

Sponsored by Powerbar, ASAMA bicycles and Ryder Sunglasses I set off on a four-country bike tour
of England, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. This six month, ten thousand kilometer bike tour was another challenge toughen up his butt and gave some wonderful unpredictable experiences.

*Unknowingly took amphetamines while heat stroked and continued to ride
*Attacked by Kangaroo - Pretty Beach, South of Sydney, Australia
*Christmas on an Emu Farm
*Ruined Christmas Dinner for twenty people
*Camera stolen by monkey and had to wrestle it back from him

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Traffic Reporter on A Bicycle
Z-95.3 fm Vancouver, Canada

With no broadcasting experience or training, I pitched Program Director at Z-95.3 FM Brad Phillips to create a new job position. Brad went for it and for the next two years I cycled over 12,500 miles (20,000 KM), reporting traffic from the streets of Vancouver as the World’s First Radio Traffic Reporter on A Bicycle.

Some of the Live Radio Bits
*Going in sewer and then popping out to see if I can see my shadow on Groundhog Day
*Live Bike police ride along
*Chasing a helium filled inflatable sheep sex toy across the city
*Live from Mazatlan Mexico
*Live from Scottsdale, AZ
*Ask listener to steal someone’s breakfast at McDonalds for $50
*Shave my back and listeners guessed how many cups of hair was collected
*Listeners shoot cream donuts with a hockey stick at my head win Vancouver Canucks tickets

“In the early days of Z95.3 FM in Vancouver we wanted do traffic reports with a twist. Every other station had planes or choppers with reporters and we had Ted on his bike! He was very entertaining and it became a big part of our station.”
Brad Phillips
General Manager Corus Entertainment

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Bike Ride to Key West
October 1992- August 1993

With $160, no experience, no camping equipment and a piece of crap mountain bike; I rode from Vancouver BC, to San Diego, east to Key West Florida, north to Montreal PQ, and back to Vancouver.
*Left Vancouver with a Canadian girl and returned with a nurse from Texas.
*Created a best selling book, The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head.
*Over 300 Media appearances promoting positive reasons to be environmentally friendly.

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Frisbee Instructor
Summer 1992
Vancouver, BC

I ran a program to teach 10-12 year olds how to play Freestyle Frisbee. Once the kids learned some skills, the top performers in the group were sent to Florida for the North American Championships.

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Skiing Videographer


Banff/Lake Louise/Vancouver/Whistler
Without knowing how to ski I decided to move to Lake Louise and start a small business. I created holiday videos capturing individuals, friends and families on vacation. After getting lectured by the marketing director of the ski hill that nobody wants to have videos of themselves on vacation, I get out of town and headed to Vancouver.

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