"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

GIAPIO (pronounced gee-ah-pee-o)

This quest is a way for individuals like you and me to encourage inspiration through gratitude, kindness, helping others and setting an inspirational example. So many of us want to help,  are willing to help and are ready to help. The good news is that inspiring people could be the easiest way to do that because giving the gift of inspiration to someone is by far the best help they could ever receive.

Get Inspired and Pass It On is a simple concept but an extremely powerful one. Something magical happens when people get inspired. And there is an amazing surge of goodness that happens when a bunch of inspired people work together towards a common goal.

"Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."

Vince Lombardi

Over the years, we have learned that when we share skills, information, and wisdom to hunt, farm, build and protect each other, we are a lot happier and survive a lot longer. The cavemen and cavewomen who refused to work with the other kids became pâté for the hungry hippos, and the ones that worked together made pâté out of the hippos. But you probably already knew that taking down a hippo is a lot easier with a little help from your tribe.

Our ancestral experiences and evolution have honed our internal-reward systems so that your body releases happy chemicals to inspire you to repeat survival behavior like connecting to a good herd.

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"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life."

Amy Poehler

Sure, back in the day of the caveman being part of a group was essential to your survival, but now that we have grocery stores and restaurants, the group-hunt-and-cook thing is more of an option. You may not need to be part of a human gang to survive in today’s society, but your body will still shoot out happy chemicals whenever it thinks your chances of survival are on the rise by connecting with the right people.

The term “Change the World” is thrown around like a fish at the Pike Place Market, but what does that mean, to go change the world? I am referring to positive daily actions that individuals can take to make the world a better place today, tomorrow and the day after. I didn’t say save the world, just help instigate positive change so you can leave your world a little better than you found it.

“In every time, in every culture, ordinary people have done extraordinary things.”

M.R. Neer - Author

It is not up to the government, the next generation, the hipsters or the beatniks to do all the work, it’s up to me, you and the people around us to do our part to make our world a little better.

I mean if we don’t step up, who will?

When your concern for the happiness and well being of others is an essential part of your journey, you will find your happiness and well being.No matter the size of the gesture, instilling positive change into the world is the right thing to do and it tends to make the bees buzz a little louder.

Your contribution matters and it matters more than you think.

It only takes one person to radiate a plethora of positivity to inspire others to do the same. The more inspired souls that are working together, the easier it is to imprint inspiration into our communities. Being a force for good doesn’t mean you to have to execute some grand endeavor. Just being kind to your neighbors can change your part of the world.

What happens when happy enthusiastic people are on the same inspirational philanthropic mission get together? Unpredictable good things and good times happen. Can you help me create an online herd of people who believe that inspiration is the holy, and supporting people unconditionally is the moly?

If you are the kind of person who...

...enjoys deeper connections with like-minded souls

...likes happiness, inspiration, and good times

... wants to improve your part of the world

... is curious about connecting with inspired people from all over the world

... likes to be focussed on good times

... want to be a part of an Inspired Tribe

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If I do my share and you do yours, eventually there will be inspiration coming out of the woodwork!!!

What is the worst thing that could happen from joining? That you find your inspiration and get Spiritually Aroused? That you make a difference in somebody’s life? That you find a few more reasons to smile? I know, these sound like terrible things. Whenever an individual invests their energy and inspiration to help make a difference, the experience is boisterous, fun and deeply satisfying to the soul.

My intention is to encourage you to find your own inspiration and then encourage you to help the people around you find theirs.I know there are thousands and thousands of good-hearted, grateful, creative, people out there. I am asking you to join me to have some fun helping other people.

Inspiration is available anywhere and everywhere, so let’s see if we can make it available to everybody everywhere. Will you help me get this started? We can do this, but I can’t do it alone, I need your help.

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it."

H.E. Luccock



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When we all help one another, everybody wins."

Jim Stovall

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