Who Else Out There Wants More Fun? 

Grandma Knows the F Word is one of the best Self-Help Books on Fun!

“Ted Schredd
knows fun.”

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My name is Ted Schredd and I am so glad you came by.

I am on a mission to inspire people to have more fun in their lives.

In order to do that I had to figure out why some people are laughing and having fun all the time. You know the kind of people I am talking about, the people who exude life energy and light up a room, just with their presence. I had to find out the why’s, when’s and how’s of what it takes to discover more fun in one’s life. I wanted to know if fun was a skill that can be taught.

The Science of Happiness Says

“A less playful person can learn to be more playful, much like an introvert can
learn to be a better speaker by observing the techniques extroverts use”

René Proyer
Professor of Psychology
Martin Luther University, Germany.


My Grandma taught me how to live a good life and thirty years of fun people and joy-induced experiences have taught me the rest. After years of hands-on research with some of the funnest people around, I have discovered the magic. There is a simple secret to having more fun in your life. Actually, the secret to having fun is not a secret; it’s a choice.

“This book really flies in the face of the self-help genre.
Through cartoons and wise words, Ted provides a paint-by-numbers
system to get some serious fun back into your life.”

David Carlisle
United Kingdom

I am not talking about partying and disconnecting; I am talking about participating in activities that you really enjoy. Everybody has their reasons for what life is about, but there is one reason that we can all agree upon...

Having fun and enjoying life every day is what the good life is about.

Does Having Fun Really Matter?

How many times did you have fun today, this week, this month or even this year?

People that say they are too busy to have fun may be confused as to why we are here. Regardless of how busy or important you are, everybody can partake in more enjoyable experiences. It’s definitely not going to kill anybody to have a little more fun. Not having fun can escalate to anguish, misery and outright hostility. Don’t let old beliefs or cranky adults kill your fun. Grandma Knows the F Word will show you how to get past the BS excuses and let you reconnect with your playful self.


Haven't we been told that having fun is something you are supposed to grow out of? But having fun is enjoyable, right? Why in the world would you want to grow out of having fun and enjoying life? No seriously, doesn't that sound like a bunch of BS? Grow out of having fun? Pffftt..... what a remarkably depressing philosophy that is. You didn't buy into it, did you? Whew.....

That anguish will build up and is eventually released through anger, frustration, hate, and even outward hostility. That boredom or frustration could escalate into depression, criminal conduct and or severe mental health issues. Well, that sounds like a great happiness strategy. Not.


How to be Happy!

 “This book was so inspiring. I wish that it was required reading for every adult. There are so many people out there who are afraid to have fun because someone might laugh at them. This book will remind you that it is okay to lighten up and do the things you want to do.”

Reader Girl




Why Having Fun Matters!

So putting aside the outward hostility factor for a second, let’s talk about the benefits of having fun.

Did you know that fun…

  Counteracts stress. When you are stressed out your body releases cortisol. Too much cortisol will cause weight gain (Buttis Maximus) and lower your immune system. (Sickus Aloticus)

   Boosts your energy! And who wouldn’t want a little more energy. Especially as we age and become rickety and persnickety. (Mucho Mojoicus)

   Boosts your Serotonin Levels – That will help you to relax, connect with others and will help you sleep better too! (Gratis Dopus)

   Improved Memory and Concentration – When you are having fun while you are learning you will find that you retain more and “get it” faster. (Smarticus Moreacus)

   Improved Relationships – Would you rather work with, be friends with, be related to, or married to, a fun soul, or a cranky cankersore? (Anti –Jerkiticus)

   Better Relationships – When you bring play and fun into your relationships you will build lifelong bonds of good times and memories. (Grande Amigos)

   Live Longer - Fun positive people live an average 7.5 years longer. (Extendicus Goodtimesapus)

   Encourages smiling and laughing (Which have all kinds of health benefits on their own) (Jovialicus)

   Improve your Productivity – You get more done when you are enjoying yourself. (Getticus Manure Finito)

   It Feels good – Having fun is good for your body, your mind, your relationships, your productivity and your overall joy in life and that, will ALWAYS make you feel good.
(Mucha Goodtimesapus)

Besides making your life more enjoyable, and making you more enjoyable to be around, fun is just outright pleasurable.

The Science of Happiness Says

“Playing for the hell of it, simply because it's fun, is very important to do”

Mark Bekoff
Retired Professor
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado



How much fun are you having in your life right now? None? Could use a little more? You have plenty? Having too much fun? Having too much fun usually means somebody partied a little too hard. Putting that saying aside, how could you possibly have too much fun? I mean come on.
Too much fun? COME ON!

What if you were lying on your deathbed right now? Would you spend your last heartbeats wishing you could have watched more TV? Would you regret not spending more time at the office? Would you regret that you would have spent way more time arguing with strangers online? Will you be satisfied that you listened to everyone else instead of your heart? Ouch.

You Will Never Regret Having More Fun. Never.

The challenge with fun is that somewhere along the way we have been sold a bill of goods. That making money or having a lot of stuff is far more important than having fun. I call BS! When you have reached the end of your life will you look back and say, “Dang I had a blast. I had so many amazing experiences and moments and friends. I followed my heart and had a fun life… woo –hoo!”

Or will you be listing off your regrets, "I wish I woulda this and I wish I woulda that, Boo-hoo poor me."

I suggest choosing the second option because it is way easier than the regret route. Easy as pie. Easy as your favorite kind of pie that is!

Grandma Knows the F Word has been featured on...


“This book is an easy feel-good read. The book is filled with fun-loving cartoons made by the author and thought-provoking captions and quotes. It’s a book that will tweak your brain, making you think AND release endorphins because you’ll be laughing so much. It’s officially on my All-Time Favorite Book List!”

Joanna the Diva


Get Rid of a Boring Life Once and For All!

You know what happens when people are not having fun?

(Not you, of course, I mean the "others")

They begin to believe that life is supposed to be a miserable struggle.

They focus on what’s wrong – The more they focus the bigger it gets. Then they say I told you so. I am telling you no, not so. When you focus on fun, it gets bigger too!

They get jealous of the people that are having fun.

They use excuses to justify not having fun.

Use terms like TGIF, Hump Wednesday, I hate Mondays and I love wine.

They spend their time with digital screens, addictive activities or any other time wasting habit so they can avoid what truly makes them happy.

They become a control freak, and that leads to becoming an unhappiness freak.

They worry about things that are out of their control. 

They trash talk people, get mad in traffic, correct people on their behavior and grammar errors. They get some weird pleasure out of making other people wrong.

Wouldn’t you rather go to the beach?





The Science of Happiness Says

"We know that fun can increase effectiveness and productivity at work, why aren’t we doing more to bring fun and play into the workplace?”

Sir Cary Cooper
Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health
University of Manchester





“Grandma Knows the F Word is a kick in the pants!”

Page Half Full Book Reviews

"This is a fabulous book, it really did change the way
I look at people and things in my world.”

Sarah Martin
Vancouver, BC


Find Your Joy and Have Fun Every Day

You may or may not know this but there are a few secrets that the Fun Masters practice. And with a bit of "Fun" practice, anyone can become a Fun Master. These universal principles will get you having more fun, more often, with more people - in no time all. Grandma Knows the F Word has shown the way to thousands of readers to have fun wherever and whenever you possibly can.

No Really... why fight for misery when you can have fun?

Do I need to go on? No… because intuitively you know that practicing any of the above fun-crushing habits will increase your miserable score and decrease your happiness score.

Grandma called all this negativity “Mind Poo”. She taught me that there are two kinds of radio stations that your mind can tune into. You can tune into happiness or you tune into Mind Poo. It is always your choice.

Tune out the Mind Poo and Tune Into Fun!


Grandma Knows the F Word will show you…

   How to give yourself permission to have fun.

   How to tune out the Mind Poo and tune into the fun.

   How to embrace the fun-inducing habit of gratitude.

   Easy ways to tap into spontaneity and some silliness now and then.

   How to overcome the need to be serious and Anal Retentive-it-is.

   How to relax and chill-out when you need to.

   Ways to use fun to release your creativity.

   Defining your happiness by knowing when to say yes and when to say no!

   Add more fun friends to your social circles.

   Improve your Self-esteem and spark your ha-ha!

But most important - Learn how to enjoy life no matter what!

“The book is 'F'enomenal! Ted Schredd is a regular guest on
my radio program because he is an inspiration and a model
for how to bring more feeling, friends and frivolity into life!”

Buzz Bishop
XL103 Radio

And this is what you can expect by having more fun:

   Improves and develops social skills and self-esteem.

   Keeps you physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually active.

   Improves academic performance.

   Improves focus. Having fun keeps you focused on happy.

   Reduces stress, improves your sleep and reduce the chance of a boring life.

   Fosters creativity and spiritual growth.

   Changes the power of your brain. Having fun improves memory and stimulates the growth of the cerebral cortex.

Having more fun in your life will give you more adventure, curiosity, awe, wonderment, crazy experiences, loads of laughs, vim, vigor, travel, joy, lovely friends and fantastic moments that you will cherish until it’s time for you to go.

And best of all having fun makes you happy.

The Science of Happiness Says

"The experience of play changes the connections of the neurons at the front end of your brain,"

Sergio Pellis
University of Lethbridge

Are you ready to have more fun?

Are you ready to increase the joy in your life?

What are you waiting for?

“Written with the style and authenticity of a self-help guide, this book really flies in the face of the genre. Ted does it beautifully with simple yet accurate descriptions of what does and doesn’t add up to fun. Through cartoons and wise words, Ted provides a paint-by-numbers on how to get some serious fun back into your life.”

Articulate Mouse




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