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Ted Schredd is a pro and knows what to say and do to make a great interview:

ϟ Ted has hosted live Radio and Television in a major market
ϟ Funny, insightful and inspiring
ϟ Able to adapt interview and content of interview directly to the target audience
ϟ Has been interviewed dozens and dozens of times for newspapers, radio talk shows, large market morning radio shows, breakfast television shows,TV magazine shows and national television talk shows
ϟ Is dedicated to be entertaining and engaging for your audience
ϟ Usually brings treats

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Contact Information

Media Inquiries


(213) 342-1867 (Voicemail or Text)

Interview Request

Internet and Social Media

Website: www.smartassbuddha.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/smartassbuddhabook

Instagram: http://instagram.com/smartassbuddha

Twitter: http://twitter.com/smartassbuddha

Linked in: smartassbuddha

Media Introduction

Media personality, adventurer and lover of happiness Ted Schredd has released his newest book, SmartAss Buddha - Get Inspired and Pass It On. SmartAss Buddha is a philosophy, which shows readers how to define, connect and sustain high levels of inspiration so they can experience maximum Spiritual Arousal in life. The Smart Ass Buddha – Get Inspired and Pass it On

Ted Schredd Mission

Inspire people to inspire other people.

SmartAss Buddha Book Mission

To help people connect with and act on their own inspiration so they can inspire people with their positive vibes and vivacity for life. Highly inspired individuals naturally inspire other people.

Ted Schredd Quick Bio

Ted has worked in radio and television on both sides of the microphone and camera. He has conducted hundreds of interviews on live TV and radio and has been interviewed numerous times on radio, television, print and online about his adventures and his books. He fully understands that the role of the interview is to provide entertainment, insight and value to the audience of that media outlet. He is highly adaptable, witty, relaxed, positive, easy-going, full of interesting stories and insights and wants to make the interviewer and the interview have a positive impact. Ted can easily adjust, tone, language and flavor of his inspirational message for any age or any audience. Ted Schredd is a no risk interview.

Here is a short version of the Ted Schredd Bio

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Bicycled 8,000 miles - Vancouver, BC > Key West, Florida >Back to Vancouver, BC
World’s First Radio Traffic Reporter on a Bicycle – Z95.3FM – Vancouver, BC
Breakfast Television Host – CTV Vancouver
Published The Cycling Adventures of Coconut Head – Whitecap Books – Vancouver/Toronto
Self-Published – Gramma Knows the F Word – How Adults can have more fun in their lives
Corporate Speaker on Fun in the Workplace – Western Canada
Bicycled through England, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand
Skiing Videographer – Lake Louise, AB
Frisbee Instructor – Vancouver, BC
Travel Photographer – Numerous shoots in Canada, US, Mexico and the Caribbean
Adventure Race Announcer/ MC – Numerous locations in Canada and US
Restaurant Photography - Across Canada and US
Bicycle from Summerland, BC to Los Angeles, CA

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Book Overview

The SmartAss Buddha is about connecting to and acting upon what inspires you. It is a cheeky, no bullshit look at self-improvement and finding inspiration and happiness in one’s life. The SmartAss Buddha book is about fun, positivity, humor, being inclusive, forward thinking and getting Spiritually Aroused. It encourages using gratitude, kindness and helping others to build networks of support that are deep and wide. The SmartAss Buddha philosophy is simple; do more of the things that inspire you and less of the ones that don't. Using age-old wisdom and a cheeky presentation the SmartAss Buddha is an entertaining way to increase your Spiritual Arousal.

25 Word Description

The SmartAss Buddha is about finding and connecting to your inspiration. The more inspiration you have, the more enjoyable, entertaining and fulfilling your life will be.

50 Word Description

The SmartAss Buddha is about how to find and sustain your inspiration to make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. If your life is full of BS and distractions it makes it challenging to find the good times. The SmartAss Buddha will clarify what inspires you and any BS that holds you back.

50 Word Description (alt)

The more inspired you are, the more alive you will feel and the more happiness you will experience. SmartAss Buddha is a cheeky fun way to build your own happiness philosophy so you can have both meaning in life and to have as much damn fun as you can.

100 Word Description

The SmartAss Buddha will show you how to find, connect and act upon your inspiration. It is a cheeky, no BS look at self-improvement and finding happiness in one’s life. If you want to get inspired and stay inspired, you will need to build multiple systems and networks to support your philosophy. The more clarity you have on what inspires you and what distracts you, the easier it will be for you to get excited with Spiritual Arousal. Find out how you can embrace your inspiration and get Spiritually Aroused with the SmartAss Buddha.

Target Market of the SmartAss Buddha

Typically the strongest demographic for self-help is 50+ women but there seems to be an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with all socio-economic groups giving this book a wide range of audience appeal. There are numerous people chasing the “expected” path in life and at some point they stop and ask themselves, “What in the Sam Hell am I doing?” because the path they are on lacks meaning or personal fulfillment. The SmartAss Buddha is for people who would love to live an inspired life but are not sure how to do that.

Target Market Character Traits:

Open-minded and tend to be innovators or Early Adopters of technology, products or philosophies

People who like change and are ready or willing to ruffle their feathers

Questioning their current path and searching for meaning in their life

Tend to be healthy, participate in fitness and, or, at least take pretty good care of themselves

Tend to enjoy nature or being outdoors

Want to make a difference with their life and in their world

Willing to stretch their comfort zones to be a little more today than they were yesterday

Product Details

Title: SmartAss Buddha – Get Inspired and Pass It On

Author: Ted Schredd

Publisher: Step It Up Publishing

Date of Publication: May 2017

Editor - Carolyn Bateman

Buddha Design - Eric Wood

Proofreader - Mike Speelman


Print 978-0-9953016-1-0

Ebook 978-0-9953016-0-3

Retail Price Softcover: $19.99 US $24.99 Canada

Retail Price Ebook: $7.99 US

Word Count: 88, 000

Available in Print and Electronic

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