Get Inspired and Pass It On!SmartAss Buddha Inspiration Network is a community of like-minded souls dedicated to helping each other uncover and act upon what inspires them in life. Once tribe members get all Spiritually Aroused we encourage them to share that good Mojo with their family, friends and within their community. The Main Mission of this Gang is to create a tribe of highly inspired individuals that help each other to....


To build a network of inspired, kind, caring, compassionate, helpful, friendly, generous, honest fun souls.

To support members to achieve their lifetime goals and encourage them to have as much as fun as possible while they do.

To spread the word of inspiration, kindness and fun… all over the world.

To anonymously help and or support people find inspiration and happiness in their life.

Over the years, humans have learned that when we share skills, information, wisdom and experience to hunt, farm, build and protect each other, we are a lot happier and survive a lot longer. Back in the Neanderthal years the men and women who refused to hunt in a group quickly became pâté for the hungry hippos. The people who hunted together, well they were able to make pâté out of the hippos. But you probably knew that working together with other people is a highly beneficial way to live. Taking down a hippo is a lot easier with a little help from your tribe.

Our ancestral experiences have honed our internal-reward systems so that your body releases happy chemicals to inspire you to repeat survival behavior. Sure, back in the day of the caveman being part of a group was essential to your survival, but now that we have grocery stores and restaurants, the group-hunt-and-cook thing is more of an option. You may not need to be part of a human gang to survive in today’s society, but your body will still shoot out happy chemicals whenever you practice survival behavior like being part of a positive tribe. We are genetically wired to connect with other people, the challenge is, connecting with the right tribe.

I Have Experienced This Before
I have had the experience of hanging out with massively inspired people when I was part of the ski community in Lake Louise. When you are surrounded with boisterous, fun people that are inspired and fully alive, it is infectious and deeply satisfying to the soul. So for the last thirty years or so after my time as a ski bum, I have been looking for a tribe of people who unconditionally support each other and are massively inspired to help others find their bliss. I wanted to reconnect with a group of people who believe what I believe.

I Searched High and Low
I joined Meetup groups, went to networking meetings, scouted special events and wandered all over the place with no prospects on the horizon. No matter what the gathering was, or my geographical location was, I always found inspired people but I never found a big tribe of them. There were a couple of groups that were interesting but they had not yet been organized into a positive force to be reckoned with. But I finally saw the light, my mission was not to find that group, but to start a community of truly inspired souls.

The Right Tribe for You?
Change begins with inspired people, and the more inspired souls that are working together, the more positive change we can parlay into the world. We may not be able to “change the entire world” but we can change our corner of the world. A grain of sand is insignificant by itself but when it gets together with all of its grains of sand buddies, then all of a sudden you have a beach, and you know what, it’s fun to go the beach. Would you like to be a part of a community who believe that inspiration is the holy, and helping others is the moly?

Who Joins the SmartAss Buddha Inspiration Network?
Well before you say, “Yes,” to my invite, what kind of person would enjoy the opportunity to be involved?

Somebody who enjoys deeper connections with like-minded souls

Somebody who wants to have a fun meaningful life full of giggles and laughs

The kind of person that loves to be kind without expectation of return

Individuals who are worthy of trust and respect

People that are free of judgment and willing to cheerlead all peoples

It can be a person of any age, skill set, geographical location or religion

What is in it for you?
These are the benefits of your mission, if you choose to accept it:

Get you horny for happiness, inspiration, life and who knows what else.

Magnified positive emotions, fulfillment, joy and feeling fully alive!

Helping others and contributing to humanity will release dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins, you know, the quad drug happy meal.

Will help you stretch and uncover the beautiful parts of your soul

Let your talents out and your gifts shine in a non competitive environment

A sense of belonging

Give you a consistent reason to practice an inspired life

Help to create history and improve your part of the world

Help you connect with inspirational friends all over the world that think and live like you do, both online and in real life,

Give It a Go!
What is the worst thing that could happen from joining the SmartAss Buddha Inspiration Network? That you find your inspiration and get Spiritually Aroused? That you make a difference in somebody’s life? I know, these sound like terrible things. It all depends on whether you are ready to provoke massive possibility within the hearts and minds of you and the people in your life. There is far more power with a team of inspired souls than without, but the good news is, it only takes one person to radiate a plethora of positivity to inspire others to do the same. We are all here to enhance the experience of each other, and I sure would like to get some Spiritually Aroused Yahoo’s to get together to help enhance each other’s inspiration.

Join Today
Waiting for someone else to instigate positive change in your world may never happen, but if I do my share and you do yours, there will be inspiration coming out of the woodwork. It is not up to the government, the next generation, the hipsters or the beatniks to do all the work, it’s up to me, you and the people around us to do our part. I mean if we don’t step up, who will?

If you would like to enhance your good-hearted, grateful, creative, wacky, helpful side of yourself then please join. I need your energy, efforts, inspiration and perspective to help make a difference so we can all have massive fun helping other people. Will you help me get this started? Whether you get directly involved, lead by example, or cheer from the sidelines getting inspired and passing it on is fun and deeply satisfying to the soul. Is it time for you to Get Inspired and Pass it On? Sure it is.

Get Started
Sign up now for the SmartAss Buddha Inspiration Network to get in little more hoo and ha in your Hoo-Ha!