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Inspirational Foreplay

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Welcome to SmartAss Buddha, my name is Ted and I will be your author today. My mission is to help you connect with inspiration, expand your enthusiasm and show you a few life hacks to maintain high levels of happiness in your life. Through my work, travels, experiences and yahoo lifestyle, I have been given a generous glimpse into many varied walks of life and a diverse range of people and personalities. Ever since I met my first “happy soul,” I have been intrigued and focused on how to expand and maximize my own happiness and inspiration. I am fascinated by the happy souls and the yet-to-be happy souls I encounter, and these exchanges have helped me understand both sides of the happiness coin. I took all of that happiness history and laid it into The SmartAss Buddha Book so you can plant, nurture, grow and harvest your own crop of good times.

Three major events triggered me to write this book. Spending a couple of years as a ski bum, riding my bicycle around North America and a tragedy that hit close to home. That tragedy caused me to rethink everything about my life and inspired me to write an outline for a book on inspiration. But I wasn’t enthused enough to sit still at the computer for months and write it. That is, until I had an encounter with a Rastafarian rock star and a piece of apple pie fandangled with a salted caramel crust.

Let’s go back into the pie time machine. I was in Calgary, Alberta, driving to a friend’s house through a late April snowstorm. The big fluffy flakes made it difficult to see the road and had me white-knuckling the steering wheel like a railing on the edge of a skyscraper. My mission was to connect with my friend Krista, who loves to practice her pie-making skills and then is kind enough to invite me over to test them. As I walked in the door, she received a call from her friends who promote music festivals. The transport bus for the band headlining a reggae festival that weekend had broken down, and her boss was wondering if she could entertain them for a few hours until alternate transportation was arranged.

She hung up the phone and bellowed, “The Rastas are coming, the Rastas are coming!”

Twenty minutes later a mini van pulled up and out jumped six Rasta men straight out of the Caribbean, who raced to the front door faster than Usain Bolt. They crashed into the hallway shaking the snow out of their waist-long dreadlocks while they laughed and teased each other about who ran the fastest. Even though they were griping about the cold, their thick Caribbean accents made their complaints sound tropical and happy. Krista sat us down and passed around slices of her latest pie creation, but all the Rastas declined. “No offense. De only pie we eat is Rasta Cream Pie” and the whole entourage let out a thundering belly laugh.

They asked for tea and we settled into the well-worn sectional couches in Krista’s living room. Between the bright colored clothes, the massive dreadlocks, the Caribbean accents and being in the presence of six of the Rastiest characters I had ever met, I felt like I had time-traveled to the tropics and was eating pie in the green room of a Bob Marley concert.

As Krista loaded up my plate with another portion of pie, I asked the Rasta men about their first impressions of Canada. “It’s cold, man. How do you survive?” replied Vince, the tall, skinny, bright-eyed bandleader.

“My brain is frozen!” Vince had a hypnotic, rhythmic voice that hooked my attention in like a cougar flirting with a frat boy at a college bar. Vince was far more than a shivering, pot-smoking musician; he was articulate and well versed in international politics, human psychology and spiritual growth. Between his animated storytelling, his bright presence in the room and his ability to simplify complex spiritual concepts, the more Vince spoke to me, the more his charm and wisdom had me mesmerized.

For two hours Vince revealed his Rasta philosophy, what he thought holds people back from happiness, the importance of a healthy body and why people need to help and take care of each other. Each story was topped off with a big hearty Caribbean laugh and a host of “Ya man’s,” from the rest of the band. Vince was emphatic that nobody can find true happiness in life without having high levels of inspiration and people around them that support their happiness. I was captivated and enthralled and began to speak a few “Ya mans” myself. We laughed the night away until the tour bus showed up. We hugged goodbye and I headed back to my hotel.

On my drive back to the room I felt a glow building in my heart. There was something about Vince’s message that resonated deep within me. I realized Vince’s philosophy and his ideas on inspiration were suspiciously similar to my book outline. I kept spinning my tires trying to hurry back to the hotel because my excitement was building faster than the snow on the road.I ran from my car, unlocked my hotel room, turned on the computer and opened the outline.

As I read each of the chapter headings of the outline, goose bumps broke out all over my body until I became one giant bump of goose.

Not only did Vince describe the specific subject matter I was considering writing about, but he described it in almost the exact chronological order of the outline. Vince’s talk and my outline were so similar I thought Krista had set me up for a prank. How could someone who lives three thousand miles away in a different culture, with different spiritual beliefs, someone I had never met before, describe my thoughts so clearly and in such detail? I realized this was the cosmic signal for me to take the outline and embrace Vince’s inspiration to help me write SmartAss Buddha. And just like Vince did with me, I will tell you a few stories, share a few laughs and see if my words can help you find a few goose bumps and set you off on your inspirational way.

My intention is to help you get inspired and stay inspired by clarifying what is most important to you through accurate thinking and reflection. Once you have clarity, you can create new habits and surround yourself with networks of support to help keep you on track. Inspiration is easy as long as you know where you stand right now and you have a clear idea of where you would like to go.

Most chapters have some sort of self-evaluation check-in, a Pow-Wah Mantra or two and a question about teachers and mentors. Read the mantras out loud and write down a mentor whenever you are requested to. If you really want to get the most out of this book get a notebook so you can take notes and jot down your inspirational triggers and to participate in the exercises. I know that reading books is a great way to learn but it is your actions that will help you build new habits and expand your inspirational wisdom. You are free to skip taking action, but you risk being mocked later in the book.

The SmartAss Buddha Book will call on you to mentally ponder, wander off yonder and become a little fonder of the parts of your life that bring you happiness.

There is a strong possibility that instigating your own introspection may unhinge your beliefs about who you really are, where you want to go in life and what excites your soul. If you are interested in these good times I speak of, and you are willing to investigate and act upon your own inspirational adventure, then it’s time to turn the page and make it happen. Bring on the good times.

The best time to pursue your inspiration was ten years ago, but the second best time is right now.
If you are willing to take action on your insights and dreams, to risk discovering your own destiny, then, my friend, you are in for an amusing ride. All you need to do is adjust course and make a new habit or two and you will be on your way. You may not be ready in this moment to live an inspired life, but my intention is to help you get ready so you can take an enjoyable journey through life at your speed, and on your terms. I am so excited to help you find your inspiration that I wish you would read a little faster![/expand]

Brain Cancer
How the unexpected death of my brother was a catalyst for me to change the direction of my life.

What is A SmartAss Buddha?
Yes what is a SmartAss Buddha?

Getting Spiritually Aroused
The difference between inspiration and motivation
and why your inspiration is so critical to happiness.

Feeling Fully Alive
Are you investing your heartbeats to fulfill your soul?
Inspiration is calling your name and ready to take the call?

Choose with your AARSE
You always have choices and you get to make them on
a moment-by-moment basis. You may as well choose inspiration.

Awareness - Waking up to Your Inspiration
Once you learn to be aware of your thoughts, actions, environment
and direction of your life,  it becomes a lot easier to be happy

Acceptance – It is what it is
As soon as you can accept your current reality,
the faster you can adjust to happiness

Reflection – Resolutions
Clarifying your situation and thinking through your options
so you can create a life that gets you spiritually aroused

Solutions Orientated Thinking
So often we focus on what the problem instead of the solution,
it's much more fun to be a solutions-orientated kind of person.

Execute and Make it So!
Either you take action and are willing to do whatever it takes
or your dream shrivels and dies

Clarity of Purpose
Are you ready to answer your call to adventure?
What arouses your spirit?

Get Inspired

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Make it a Game!
Why be serious or miserable? Make this whole process a big fun game.

Find Your PowϟWah
Pay attention to how you use your energy.
Know exactly what takes your PowϟWah and what multiplies it.

Just be You!
The easiest and most satisfying way to cruise through life.
The more can be true to yourself, the less heartbeats you will use trying to be someone else.  

Empty Your Teacup
The more you simplify your life the easier it will be
to find inspiration and happiness.

Undress your Stress
Identifying and diminishing any stress in your life

Awareness of the PowϟWah Suckers!
Uncovering unhelpful habits and putting a stop to them.
One bad habit could sink your ship.

Possibility Pirates
How to identify and avoid people that mess with your inspiration.

Pump up the PowϟWah!
Besides understanding how you use your energy, you will need
a system that keeps you healthy and full of energy all day long.
You can only go so far on a half a tank of gas.

Fire Up Your Imagination
The mental kitchen of inspiration, solutions and happiness

Financial Wisdom
If your finances are out of control, high levels of spiritual arousal
and peace of pocketbook will never come to visit.

The Art of Leisure
Giving yourself permission to enjoy your leisure
moments and to habitually practice, good times and quality R & R.


Stay Inspired

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Get Inspired and Stay Inspired
Identify your personal, inspirational environments
and the people that keep your life delicious

Get Back to Nature
Connect with an infinite source of inspiration...Nature.

Inspirational Networks
Networks and Support Systems. Having an amazing team of wise people
to guide you along your path will only make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Birds of a Feather
Identifying and interacting with people that bring out the best in you,
and you bring out the best in them.

Instant Gratitude
The easiest way to happiness. Learning and practicing constant
gratitude will quickly increase your smile count.

Just Be Love
Share the love brothers and sisters because coming from
a place of kindness is the most enjoyable way to go.

Get Inspired and Pass it On
This world could always use a little more inspiration and the best way is to lead by example.
The more you stay true to yourself and follow your heart; the more you will naturally inspire those around you.
Share your inspiration with the rest of your tribe.

Symbolize and Summarize
Quicken your retention and habitual behavior with symbols,
mantras and forward action. Make it so. 

Your body releases all kinds of drugs to reinforce great behavior.
You may as well make inspiration and happiness a habit


The final piece is  to lovingly support and encourage people
who want to move forward into the land of inspiration.

Follow Your Bliss
Make it so – just for the fun of it


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