Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SmartAss Buddha?
A SmartAss Buddha is someone who has found Spiritual Arousal and happiness by staying true to themselves. They find enlightenment by seeking out and acting upon their passions in life.

What is the premise of the book?
In order to find fulfillment in life, one must act upon what inspires them and through that process they discover their purpose for being here. When an individual is living on purpose they feel fully alive and that is where all the good times are.Obviously the essence of the book is about getting inspired but in order to sustain that an individual must build positive habits that make it easy to stay on the happiness path.

How is this book different from other self improvement books?
It is straightforward non-fluffy look at integrating happiness throughout one’s life by getting clarity on what gets an individual Spiritually Aroused and then pursue that path with all of the forward momentum one can muster. Instead of telling readers how to live a happy life, it encourages readers to develop their own system and lifestyle that organically takes them to the land of good times.

How does one sustain inspiration?
There are so many great books on happiness out there but rarely does that content stick. Until an individual assimilates this positive wisdom into their life, it is merely words on a page. Through awareness, enthusiasm, mentors and mentally taking charge, individuals can create new positive habits to instill inspiration throughout their life. Part of the book is inspirational wisdom and the other part is how to integrate and habitualize positive thinking and actions into one's daily routine.

Wise Choices
An individual is only as happy as the decisions they make. In order to make great decisions, one has to have clarity of mind, the situation and the desired end result. It begins with Awareness and understanding your situation. Then Accepting what you find so you are able to comprehend the reality of the situation. Next is Reflection as to how this helps or hinders your happiness. Once you understand the repercussions of the situation you can create a Solution to achieve your desired intentions. Then you Execute the plan. You step up and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to make that happen. You step out and keep stepping until find what it is that you are looking for.

What is a Possibility Pirate?
They can be referred to as Energy Vampires, Debbie Downer or Aaron the A-hole. Anybody who deters you from your happiness, restricts you in anyway or steals your sense of possibility. That is a Possibility Pirate. Arrr…

What is PowϟWah?
PowϟWah is your mojo, confidence, or ability to influence and mold your reality to bend it in the direction that you want.

What 3 things can an individual do to guarantee a happy life?
Gratitude, Kindness and Helping Others. You practice these three things with your family, community, work and your friendships you will have happiness, guaranteed.

What is GIAPIO?
GIAPIO stand for Get Inspired and Pass it On. It is a movement to empower individuals to help sculpt humanity in a positive direction. The only way the health and happiness of society will improve is through the health and happiness of each individual.The mission? Inspire people to inspire other people.

Can anybody get involved in GIAPIO?
Yes. Well except the Possibility Pirates, they can't come to the party. Sorry!

Why is the book full of symbols?
The symbols have two purposes. The first is to be a trigger to develop new habits. They are used to learn and reprogram SmartAss Buddha philosophy into one's daily routine. They are also a system to help people secretly identify other inspired people.

Who is Ted Schredd?
Ted Schredd is an author, photographer and adventurer who has dedicated his life to observing people who are inspired, enjoying life and genuinely happy. His working career has taken many different turns from Skiing Videographer to Frisbee Instructor, from Radio Traffic Reporter on a Bicycle to Travel Photographer. For his full bio go here.

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