The #1 Book to Rediscover Inspiration and to Find Your Purpose in Life!

“I love this book so much! I can’t say enough about how funny it is and how it easy it is to digest the information in a fun way. I just had to pass on the message… I love the SmartAss Buddha.”

Julie Edwardson
Squamish, Canada

“All the effort in the world won’t matter unless you are inspired.”

Chuck Palahniuk

Let me start with my inspiration to write this book.

My brother died of a massive brain tumor at 47. I was 41 at the time and it scared the dickens out of me. Was it genetic? Will I be next? What if I have only 6 years left? It was really tough to witness his suffering due to the chemotherapy and the side effects. But, the real heartbreaker was that my brother was completely overwhelmed with sadness right until his last breath.

On the way home from his funeral I heard an interview on the radio about the top five regrets of the dying.

       The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

  Failed to pursue their dreams or aspirations.

  Spent far too much time at work instead of with their family.

  Didn’t spend enough time with their friends.

  Wished they had allowed themselves to be happier.

  Expressing their feelings and emotions.


As soon as I heard these regrets, I knew that my brother’s sadness was massive regret. All that grief he was experiencing in his final months was for what he didn’t do. And that pain he suffered hit home harder with me than his untimely death.

“It is better to live a short life full of what you like than a long life spent in a miserable way.”

Alan Watts

It made me ask a difficult question that people rarely ask.

Am I willing to die full of regret?

About 90 percent of people say they have major regrets...

 Will you be one of them?

Of course not, that would be stupid.

I know  I have no way of knowing when or how the Grim Reaper could visit, but I could do something about the regret. All I needed was anti-venom of regret… and that my friend is inspiration. I spent the next five years studying, testing, interviewing and writing about how to get inspired and stay inspired.

"I loved how matter of fact it was, how practical it was, and how beautifully written it was. Should be standard issue to all the existentially challenged youngsters out there, not to mention oldsters. Inspirational indeed, it was so good, I read it twice."

Cam Berg
Melbourne, Australia



What exactly is Inspiration?

Inspiration is that steamy spicy spark that will elevate you past your obstacles and keep you running down the trail. When you are inspired, it is like you have a hidden superpower in your backpack.

The more inspired you are, the more enthusiasm and stick-to-itiveness you will have. The more inspiration you have, the faster you will squash your excuses, instigate action and create almost limitless energy to work towards your dreams and desires for months, years or even decades.

“If Buddha had read this book, he wouldn't have spent so much time sitting under a tree. Ted Schredd has done it again, with an insightful, inspiring and totally thought-provoking book.”

Joseph Morsman
Los Angeles

Inspiration is a supernatural force
that is hard to be reckoned with.

 No matter what you are pursuing in life, no matter how prepared, committed, organized or focused you are, if you are lacking inspiration you will always experience more struggle than you have to.

The Lessons I Learned From a Couple of Sweaty Men

Inspiration moves mountains, or should I say, it can move people up a mountain.


A few years back I was the Master of Ceremonies for a giant, two-day adventure race in Whistler, British Columbia, through some of the most challenging Coastal-Mountain terrain. There were two friends who trained all summer so they would be prepared for the hundred-mile mountain-bike, kayak and trail running race. I didn’t meet Jonathan and Scott at the start of the race but I sure knew who they were when they were done. Just as the people started to come over the finish line on the second day, Scott halted just before the finish line. When I asked him why he refused to cross the finish, he replied, “I’ll wait for my training partner. I will cross when he does.”

An hour later, the news came over the radio that Scott’s friend Jonathan was at the last checkpoint on the other side of Whistler Mountain. Jonathan had suffered a serious knee injury and would be unable to continue. To make it to the finish line Jonathan would have to climb 3,000 feet to the top of Whistler Mountain and down the other side. But before Jonathan could quit, Scott radioed Checkpoint 17 and told Jonathan to stay put. Scott passed the radio back to me and headed back up the mountain he had just climbed. As the afternoon wore on, I announced hundreds of racers over the sound system as they crossed the finish line and forgot all about Jonathan and Scott.

Hours later as the sun was dipping below the horizon, the race director and safety patrol were checking to see if all the racers were in. Everyone was accounted for except Scott and Jonathan. They had left checkpoint 17 and nobody had seen them since. It was getting dark so we sent out a search team to find them. As the rescue team hopped on their quads I noticed some flashes of light halfway up the mountain. When I checked it out with the binoculars, it was Jonathan and Scott!

Scott was arm in arm with Jonathan and they were moving down the mountain one hop at a time. We were relieved that they were ok but were amazed that they were still going. I announced it over the PA and the crowd roared with approval. The audience began to chant...

 "...You can do it! You can do it!”

People were stomping their feet so hard the ground shook. Cars in the parking lot honked their horns and flashed their lights. Tourists and passersby gathered around to chant words of encouragement. When they came over the finish line the crowd went absolutely wild.

I don’t know which was more inspiring -- Jonathan’s grit to keep going, Scott’s loyalty and support for his friend, or how their example touched and inspired the entire crowd.


“The SmartAss Buddha is a funny and refreshing look at getting clear on what matters most in life. I love how this book gently challenges you to question the status quo and listen to your own innate wisdom to live a life uniquely your own.”

Sheila Sornsin
Tucson, Arizona

You Want to Climb Mountains in Life?

Fill Your Backpack with Inspiration

The more inspiration you can tap into, the more you will glow, grow and sustain forward momentum as you travel on your path to joy and fulfillment. Inspiration is the spiritual jet engine that thrusts you forward and keeps you at altitude. This spiritual arousal was the life force that had the audience stamping their feet and shouting for joy when Scott came down the mountain carrying the injured Jonathan. The more connected you are with your life’s inspiration, the more metaphorical mountains you will master. The more inspired you are, the more the people around you, will support and cheer for you. Inspiration gives people unbelievable grit and that grit positively touches anybody who witnesses it.

Embrace Your Inspiration and Find Your Joy!

“I love this book. I’ve read many books that are short “pick-me-ups”. SmartAss Buddha is much more. It provides you with a framework that walks you towards your inspiration and, importantly, pushes you to share that with others! PASS THIS ALONG!”

Robert Craig
CEO at 3 Tier Logic

Inspired souls are a powerful catalyst for change which naturally radiate positivity out to their home, workplace and to the community at large. Inspired souls portray an infectious wave of optimism that infiltrates every corner of their existence. You already know that inspired souls provokes possibility and happiness wherever they go.

The more inspired you become the more your life with brim with laughs, wonderful souls, interesting experiences, gracious gratitude, titillating travel, enlightening events, a love for nature, expansive ideas, unique moments and grand adventures. Tap into your inspiration and you will find your golden moments and reveal your purpose in life.

What is your purpose in life?

Connecting to your inspiration will help you find your purpose in life. You are like.. what??? I am like.. oh ya. Finding your purpose is easy to do with a little reflection and when you nurture what inspires you. That is my purpose for my latest book to help you instill inspiration into your life and show you how to find and focus on your purpose.

The Smartass Buddha will let you :

  Rediscover your inner strength. Live a youthful, energized life by training your brain to focus on your life’s inspirational force.

  Align with your life’s purpose and reconnect with your authentic self, so you don’t waste your valuable heartbeats doing things you hate.

  Live an inspirational, fun, active lifestyle by forming new positive habits that serve as priceless tools to help you stay on track with your life’s purpose.

  Be daring. Solidify your newfound inspirational habits by building an inspirational support network to foster and encourage life-changing patterns in you.

  Energize, invigorate and release your creative juices by eliminating unnecessary stressors from your life.

  Experience the freedom to engage in the activities that feed your happiness through systematically simplifying your life utilizing valuable tools and methods.

  Expand the good times in your relationships, your work environment, and anywhere else that can benefit from a shot of Spiritual Arousal.

  Embrace and boost your power by managing your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual energy.

When people are inspired, their eyes sparkle, they are boisterous about life and they have an undeniable vitality gushing from their presence. These are just a few of the life-changing benefits you will find when you pick up your copy of Smartass Buddha to get inspired and stay inspired.


Is this Book for You?

If you want to squash regret and live a life you are proud of.. then YES!


"I loved your other book "Grandma Knows the F Word" so much it inspired me to live the motto 'The Most Fun Wins'! SmartAss Buddha has inspired me to be aware of my POW-WAH and to eliminate those things that sabotage it. Great job Ted Schredd!"

Cheryl Hughes
Portland, Oregon

Don’t Be Surprised if After Reading The Smartass Buddha
You Begin to...

   Start planning that overseas trip you’ve always wanted to take, but never quite felt like it was time.

   Or start living a more active, healthy lifestyle and finding those old jeans at the back of your closet fit just right.

   You find that taking care of your body becomes second-nature. You inspire yourself to build new, active, healthy mental and physical habits into your daily routine.

   Friends and family start to point out and notice a glow about you they haven’t seen in years.

   You feel a greater sense of who you are and where you’re going.

   You define why you are here and begin to live an on purpose life.

    You find the courage to make a career change you’ve been dreaming of.

   You take up new hobbies that bring you plenty of joy.

   You actively connect with other inspired souls and build your own inspirational support network.

Skip Regret and Take Action Now!


“It is amazing how reading one book can change the way you look at life. I am truly inspired to make a change in my life path.”

Christa Spensely
Calgary, AB

Embrace your personal development NOW! Don’t wait. Are you going to be laying on your deathbed, overwhelmed with sadness and full of regret? This is not the best strategy for happiness!  Each day that goes by without tuning into your inspiration, is a day you could be spending maximizing your fun!

If you’re someone who values personal development, the Smartass Buddha was written for you.

Where Can I Get a Copy of Smartass Buddha?

“Ted gives you the tools to inspire change and be the best you in Smartass Buddha. My work revolves around teambuilding. The valuable lessons in this book have provided me insights on my journey of building purposeful, passionate and playful teams.  Thank you for this philosophy in a fun and playful read.”

Bryan Burns
CEO Corporate Play People.

“Smartass Buddha is funny, well written, great examples that apply to life, fantastic quotes that are easy to relate to and provide an enlightened Buddha way - nothing heavy here just a delightful perspective on life and living. The author has a way of introducing important life topics and ways of living for increased happiness - thanks so much!!! Excellent reading.”

Ken Ballard
Vancouver, Canada